Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Men Harassing Men or Women Harassing Women is still Harassment

The Office - Men Harassing Men At WorkIs same-sex sexual harassment even a legal claim? Although sexual harassment in the workplace claims are often brought by female employees, they can also be brought by male employees against female supervisors or coworkers, and even male employees against a male supervisor or coworker. So yes, same sex sexual harassment is a legitimate legal claim! How do you deal with this? A good place to start is to discuss the matter with an employment lawyer. This law firm will be happy to give you a free consultation to hear about your situation.

What constitutes sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment can consist of lewd comments and physical actions, as well as sexual advances, whether verbal or physical. Further, the sexual harassment need not be motivated by sexual desire. What this basically means is that the perpetrator of sexual harassment does not need to have the goal of sexual intimacy with the victim.

Rather, sexual harassment can take the form of a coworker merely saying sexual or inappropriate jokes or constantly doing sexual acts (even if it is intended to be a joke) in the victim’s presence. Finally, the victim’s sexual orientation is irrelevant. For example, sexual harassment can occur even if the perpetrator and the victim are both heterosexual.

Example Case: Beasley v. East Coast Foods Inc. D/B/A Roscoe’s House of Chicken N’ Waffles

Beasely is a great case example of same-sex sexual harassment in the workplace. Plaintiff, a male, sued his employer for sexual harassment among other things. Plaintiff worked for the employer as a manager in one of defendant’s many restaurants. Unfortunately, during his employment, plaintiff was victim to many forms of sexual harassment. The perpetrators made sexual comments and sexually charged physical actions towards Plaintiff. Plaintiff complained about the sexual harassment multiple times. Not surprisingly, Plaintiff was thereafter terminated.

Plaintiff alleged he was retaliated against by being terminated due to his complaints of sexual harassment. Defendant argued that he was actually terminated for not showing up to work. The jury did not buy Defendant’s argument and sided with the Plaintiff. Plaintiff was awarded over $1,600,000.

Contact an Employment Lawyer if You Are Being Sexually Harassed

At the end of the day, Beasely shows that it does not matter what sex you are, if you are being sexually harassed at work, then your rights are being violated. Further, if you complain about sexual harassment in the workplace, and you are being retaliated against, then your rights are being violated. If you feel you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace and your employer has not done anything to fix the situation, call an employment lawyer immediately.


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    Regarding sexual harassment in the American workforce lingering for years! Bias media whom majority of “The Journalist” are women favor imbalance of propaganda…example. Industries service,manufacturing,transit and health care predominately females” usually candidate. Expression upon discourse
    initiated by women always looking at guys (sexually) another factor regarding. Sexuality many LGBPTQ within workforce gender roles is “stereotype” USA males in clerical,health care or social work. Most of female manager assume there “GAY” your harassed forgotten “standards”.

    Hampering reports of misconduct in work place also bias women working predominately. Male positions seldom or never ask about sexuality notice single women, professional positions. Harassing men attempting get to joint social gathering eluding upon Alumni affiliations. Males gotten hired with firm C level and management alumni women attempt seduce the men. Stereotype Macho White dude” whom doesn’t consider it’s essential to report harassment. Guy engaged or non-sexual notice his evaluations co-workers indifferent due someone looking. At your adversely women need own up to this always guys are harassing them! Asian women and White preference macho tall physically fit “male image I even had. My butt tapped immediate bought to company and client and suited! LGBTQ applicants are pre-screen for senior management jobs in “Corporate America” why fitting in unwanted comments. Photo above guy attempting provoke attention male he sexual interested. Contrary provides another stereotype LGBTQ always cruising! Tougher laws still you can’t predict employees’ behavior “Human Resource” need to address male sexual harassment. If not liability going higher in the end” annoyed bias we. Males causing disruption in the workforce irrelevant: it’s motive of the employ not entire gender!

    Generalizing cause social extremes saying majority are males difference upon what is socially acceptance within work space. USA has different culture regarding social respect code laws usually…southern Europe workforce. Lenient old customs of physically expression to certain degree,
    due increase sexual harassment. Men and women EU challenging old work
    codes I’ve worked in Italy and Romania. Anglo America culture annoyed by
    men kissing fellow co-worker without sexual connotations! Still professionalism should be render always “private discourse,personal relationship and activities should never be promoted! Biden any comments?

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